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Discover the natural heritage of Ljubljana with us on a relaxed city bike tour.

Hey! I'm Simona, the Manager of Bike Tour Ljubljana.

Have you ever been to Slovenia? For me, it is the most beautiful country in the world. As much as I like to travel, and I have done my fair share of travels around the globe, the striking charm of my home country still overwhelms me every day.

And I would like to keep it that way.

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Ljubljana was the green capital of Europe in 2016

My motivation is to strive toward sustainable tourism and reduce emissions to a minimum. Human imprint on the environment is considerable enough as it is.

That is why Bike Tour Ljubljana is something I can get behind. I want to help people discover our stunning capital in a fun, active, and eco-friendly way.

Did you know that Ljubljana was an important Roman settlement?

Slovenia occupies an area booming in cultural and natural heritage. Ljubljana, its capital, has been around since before the Roman times and rose to importance during that period.

Today, you can still see the remains from then, but its showpiece is the well-preserved Old Town in the city’s center, presided over by the mighty Ljubljana Castle. Paved streets wind along and over the Ljubljanica River, connecting the town squares with lively restaurants and shops.

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Center of Ljubljana

Its main advantage is the car-free city center. And most of Ljubljana is otherwise equipped with cycling paths, making a bike tour one of the most appropriate ways of visiting the city.

Lastly, Ljubljana is one of the smallest European capitals, so exploring it by bike means getting a chance to visit every corner of it, even the less-known and hidden ones.

A team of local travel enthusiasts pursuing sustainable tourism

There are a lot of people that share my passion in Slovenia, and we make a great team at Bike Tour Ljubljana. By knowing the city like the back of our hands, we ensure that our customers visit all the main sights and the less known spots while learning a great deal about Ljubljana’s history in the meantime.

And guess what? We do all that in a nature-friendly way while being active. Sounds fun, right?

Time to push your pedals!

We’re a close-knit team and work without any intermediaries. Everything goes through our company, and there are no hidden fees. Your money goes straight towards providing an unforgettable experience for you.

You don’t have to worry when booking your tour in advance, as we are a financially protected company, so your money is safe in our possession.

Ljubljana marshes
Ljubljana marshes

There is a chance that a bike tour is not something you are interested in, so we suggest browsing between our trusted partners at Slovenia Discovery, where you might find something for yourself.

If you are a more enthusiastic and adventurous cyclist, you should check out our Slovenia Cycling Holidays.

And if cycling is not something you would like to be doing in Ljubljana, we are sure that something like Food Tour Ljubljana, Wine Tasting Ljubljana, or Cooking Class Ljubljana will convince you.

You can also find something fun to do at Slovenia Activities or visit one of the many stunning locations at Day Trips Slovenia.

Ready for the time of your life?

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