Bike Trips in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, cycling is very popular, especially because it's easy to get around with. But did you know that it is also where you can explore some wonderful places?
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Blog Published May 29, 2019
Edited May 6, 2024

There are many hidden nature spots in Ljubljana that locals love to visit. If you fancy a dip in a lake, a stroll through a forest or just a picnic, there are plenty of options available. And the best part is, they are all just a short bike ride away.

When the weather gets warmer why not enjoy some sunshine, fresh air and green surroundings. Here are three suggestions for an afternoon city escape you’ll love to experience. Just pack your towel, some snacks and you’re good to go.

Bike tour Ljubljana
Bike tour Ljubljana

Park Mostec

A short bike drives away from Ljubljana center, this family-friendly park offers plenty of activities. It stretches along the scenic bike route along the forest on the slope of the Rožnik Hill. If starting from the city center, you will pass Ljubljana Zoo, which is also worth visiting, especially if you have children.

Park Mostec is a popular recreational spot and has many hiking paths through the woods as well as a trim trail. There’s also exercise equipment and children’s playground, plus table tennis and badminton options for visitors. Or you could just find a quiet spot, spread a blanket and have a picnic in the lovely surroundings.

Lake Podpeško jezero

When the summer heat gets too much, locals like to cool off in a lake Podpeško jezero, near the Podpeč village. Less than an hour of cycling gets you to this small but very deep lake surrounded by the forest and filled with water coming from several springs. There’s a small bathing site for visitors to enjoy in the summer heat or do some fishing.

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some lake swimming on the outskirts of Ljubljana. And when hunger strikes, there’s also a nice restaurant nearby that serves delicious Slovenian dishes.

Iški Vintgar

Iški Vintgar is a picturesque pearl of nature on the Iška river. This scenic place with many little rivers, sandbanks, steep rocky banks and river pools is an absolute gem near the city. An hour of biking gets you to this canyon where you can relax by the river, have a dip in its icy waters, do some hiking and explore the rock formations and vegetation. It is very popular in the summer when people come to enjoy the unspoiled nature, have a picnic or even camp under the stars.

These are just some of the bike trips you can take in or near Ljubljana. It’s up to you to discover and explore, or you can join the Bike Tour Ljubljana and do it in the company of other fellow bikers.

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