Biking in Vienna – wonderful experience

Vienna has long been one of the top cities in the world to live in. Biking here is no different. Find out how you can have the best biking experience in Vienna.
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Blog Published May 19, 2020
Edited May 6, 2024

Few years in a row Vienna is listed as the best city for a living in the World. With its high social standards, good health care, fully functional, and punctual public transport, investing in the green environment, and many other facts, that make this city so great. The secret is that the city government is working for its residents, putting the Man and his quality of life (read happiness) in the first place.

One very perfected thing, that is making us very happy about, are all biking routes in the city, with around 1400km of paths reserved for bike lovers (us). Never mind if you ride city bike, mountain bike, tracking bike or Kick Bike, you can find your favorite track to ride.

We will present to you a few routes that you can take with us in Vienna.

Stop by the river

1. Starting from the city center, near famous St. Stephan Cathedral, slide down to the Danube channel, take the path through the biggest open European street art gallery, check some astonishing pieces on the way, and exit towards the city border. Here you can enjoy the nature of the Viennese hills, taste some extraordinary wine, and enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Break from the bike tour for some food

2. Starting from the 15th district and our Prime Base, we lead you through the hippiest parts of the city, discovering hidden tracks and paths, telling amazing stories about local life, also spiced with some famous Viennese imperial history. You can check out the smallest house in the city, learn about the famous “Austrian solution”, taste local food and beer and experience why is biking so popular in Vienna since we will ride through the busy city center.

Kick Bikes in UNESCO Wachau valley

3. This is our favorite option, Kick Biking through UNESCO Wachau valley, where one have the chance to discover with us the natural beauty, the cultural heritage, and the culinary delights Austria has to offer. The Wachau valley is the place to go to if you want to see more than just Vienna. Explore the steep vineyards with its typical stone terraces by bike, car, or on foot. Along the way, we take in landmarks including the ruins of Aggstein Castle and the baroque gem of Stift Melk. After all the downhill fun we usually taste Austrian wine at a local winery and eat local dishes, prepared with love by our friends.

All these experiences we like to take on our Kick Bikes proved as fun, easy to ride, and popular in the city. Be a local for a day, or longer, if you choose to stay with us. 🙂

See you soon in Vienna.


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Biking in Vienna – wonderful experience

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